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Load Testing. JMeter

Here is the guide to start your journey to load testing using Apache JMeter. QA. Load Testing from Alexander Galkin


Docker: running memcached instance

Running memcached instance using Docker is pretty straightforward: Pull image from Docker hub

Run container:

Verify that container is listed as running by executing the following command:


JMeter — Few Lessons to Start with

I have found few interesting videos lessons published by BlazeMeter  ( which are worth of watching them when you want to start working with JMeter. Lesson 1. Writing your first script Lesson 2. Recording your...


Using Gmail mailbox for multiple accounts

Did you have a case when you have to create multiple accounts for specific service (e.g. iTunesConnect, Twitter, etc)? During development / testing process you definitely need this and the problem here that you...


Validation of REST API JSON responses

Even though you can create unit tests using coding language used at your project sometimes it is better to decouple these tasks and create tests separately from the main codebase to be able to...