Using Gmail mailbox for multiple accounts

Did you have a case when you have to create multiple accounts for specific service (e.g. iTunesConnect, Twitter, etc)? During development / testing process you definitely need this and the problem here that you need new mailbox each time.

Another case which is more popular when you are developer/QA/PM of the web based project and you have to use different account on different environments (e.g. Dev/Staging/Production).

There are couple tricks available in Gmail that will make your life easier:

1) If you have address like you should know that you can also use dots within address before «@» and all emails will come to your email account! (examples are,,, etc).

2) The option above will allow you to create multiple accounts with different addresses however they are still limited. The shorter address you have — the lower limit will be. What is the solution in this case? You should use any additional word combination before «@» and add plus («+») before your actual name.

Example: your address is
You may also use,,, etc


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