UML: List of terms for Class diagrams

List of terms for using UML diagrams


type description notation
#171;+ (public)#187;  Any class that can see the class can also see the attribute.  publictest-muvale
#171;# (protected)#187;  The class or any of its descendants can see the attribute.  publictest-kbmvdi
#171;- (private)#187;  Only the class itself can see the attribute.  publictest-ipbvbp
#171;~ (package)#187; Any class in the same package can see the attribute.  publictest-ffon1t
Kinds of Classifiers
classifier function
actor »An outside user of a system»
artifact «A physical piece of system information»
class «A concept from the modeled system»
collaboration «A contextual relationship among objects playing roles»
component «A modular part of a system with well-defined interfaces»
enumeration «A data type with predefined literal values»
primitive type «A descriptor of a set of primitive values that lack identity»
interface «A names set of operations that characterize behavior»
node «A computational resource»
role «An internal part in the context of a collaboration or structured classifier»
signal «An asynchronous communication among objects»
structured classifier «A classifier with internal structure»
use case «A specification of the behavior of an entity in its interaction with outside agents»


Kinds of Relationship
relationship function notation
association »A description of a connection among instances of classes»
dependency «A relationship between two model elements»
generalization «A relationship between a more specific and a more general description used for inheritance and polymorphic type declarations»
realization «Relationship between specification and its implementation»
usage «A situation in which one element requires another for its correct functioning»

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