Screenshots generation for AppStore & Google Play

After searching for tool that will allow me to create variety of screenshots for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6+, iPad and Android smartphone/tablet I have not found a solution that will meet all of my requirements:

  • Generate different screenshots based of high resolution image provided
  • Tool should be free or at least have free tier for minimal device frame wrapper
  • Provide at least 2-3 choices of device (e.g. white/black iPhone)
  • Screenshots should have size compatible with AppStore/Google Play requirements

Here are my search results so far…

1. MockuPhone


MockuPhone looks good. The only issue I have found there — missing template for iPhone 4 (not popular but still screenshots are needed for AppStore). I have sent request to add this device to the list — let us see if that is going to happen. Current device list is available at

This website has references to another great resource for designers — It contains a lot of nice icons, mockups, templates and it has Free section which is very helpful for small projects with limited budget or for private blogs like this 🙂

2. iPhone Screenshot Maker


This website is probably the most useful solution I have found so far. It actually meets all my requirements but… temporarily. After generating few screenshots I have received «Daily limit» error message with no alternative (e.g. delete previous images or pay for extra screenshots). So that helped me to produce only part of the screenshots.


P.S. Even though service is called iPhone Screenshot Maker it also have options for Android, Windows and Blackberry frames.


3. FrameApp


There is a notice that FrameApp will soon move to Not sure if that is a good news or not but similar to FrameApp gives you great options to create small screenshots which are not ready for store submission. For high resolution images you will need to pay. At this moment offers $5/download which is pretty expensive as for me.


4. Device Art Generator


Great. Free. Though unfortunately such tool is created for Android devices only. Hopefully Apple will create something similar in future.

That’s it. There are definitely more tools like these but they are commercial and I would like to keep my blog free of them 🙂 Will continue focusing on free or open source solutions that may help during design/development/release cycles.

Anyway for those of you who want to spend some money on trying alternatives please follow the links below:

UPDATE 4/19:

I have found one more tool that is definitely worth of attention. Not sure yet if that meets all my requirements but after generating few screenshots it looks really good:

5. Magic Mockups

Magic Mockups

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